Where, When and How to see Australian Birds

These Birdfinder pages are intended to assist users of the mm FIELD GUIDE TO AUSTRALIAN BIRDS to plan their bird watchinging, taking into account not only the usual bird and habitat attributes, but also prevailing climatic conditions. Of these, recent rainfall, or lack of, has a huge influence upon the movements of nomadic species.

This should assist birdwatchers from outside Australia, as well as those travelling to the more distant areas, to plan their timing and the route. Poor trip planning will cost far more in time, wasted fuel, and disappointment, than the cost of a this Guide with its on-line support and databases of additional information.

This information imay be an additional benefit for anyone owning or having access to this field guide, for example through use of a library or other borrowed copy. It is not a right acquired through purchase of this book, nor upon use of the guide, but entirely an occasional provision of some additional information, entirely at the discretion of the author. The author reserves the right to discontinue or modify this service at any times. It does not cover travel routes or give travel advice.

This is not intended as a travel guide, but rather serves as a guide to best birding places and times. Users of this information should seek reliable advice on travel preparations, precautions and times, and verify these with local or other authorities, at commencement of any travel, especially into remote regions, to ensure routes and roads are open, the locality otherwise safe, leave records of their route and estimated arrival or return date, and be fully equipped and prepared for outback travel.


Wildon's Inlet, near Denmark, S W of Western Australia

The Birds: endemics,

North Queensland Tropical NT & Kimberley;

Arid Regions; South East; South- West

Bird Habitats

Semi-arid Regions


Tropical North



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