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Unless your internet access is by fast broadband service, this video will require appreciably longer to load than the still photos above. Video is provided on this site when a bird's characteristic movements, in flight, running or feeding, are helpful in identification, or in separating from another species which is similar in appearance, but noticeably different in movement or behavior. If an identification is in the balance, the slower download of video might be worth the wait. Take a break, come back in five to ten minutes. Video display requires Apple Quicktime, a free download at www.apple.com/quicktime

The White-winged Black Tern has a low, rather erratic flight, often barely clearing the surface, but occasionally briefly lifting several metres higher.
Now and then the bill is jabbed into the sand, an action so quick that it appears but a light touch of the surface. The wingbeat is a light, flickering action, shallow, as deeper strokes would hit the sand when the bird is in its lowest, sand-skimming flight;

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