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Osprey, Kites, Eagles, Harriers, Goshawks, Kestrel, Falcons, etc

EURASIAN HOBBY Falco subbuteo (This record is in the Complete Compact edition, but not in the earlier lager Handbook edition. A falcon of this species, an immature, was recorded on Ashmore Reef, 2 November 2003, the first confirmed record from Aust. Previously there was a sighting of a falcon, tentatively identified as this species, from between Scott Reef and Rowley Shoals, on 25th November1997.

Hbitat, calls, fligth description in Complet Compact Edition, page 95.

ORIENTAL HONEY-BUZZARD Pernis ptilorhynchus wingspan 90-100cm. The first Australian mainland record of this specieswas at Leinster ( 22 Jan. 2003) in extremely weak condition, apparently swept south and inland by a cyclonic disturbance.

In Compact Edition of guide, description, flight.

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