Update information.

The publication of a new work on Australian birds (The Directory of Australian Birds) occurred as this field guide was close to completion, with all maps drawn, and text completed, and too late for any major change in direction. However the text of the guide was checked against the new reference, and where there were differences (mainly at subspecies level) a mention of these, as possible future changes, has usually been mentioned.

The acceptance of new species has been in line with that of Birds Australia's HANZAB project, and included the elevation to full species of the race
ballerae of the Dusky Grasswren, to full species status as Amytornis ballerae (see page 228 of the mm Field Guide).

Also shifted from subspecies to full species was the race
lunulata of the Little Wattlebird, now the Western Wattlebird, Anthochaera lunulata. Although too late to give it the minimum space that each species usually receives, it is shown in a brief entry and the single painting as originally set out when it was but a subspecies.

The Western Wattlebird has a distinctive and quite attractive voice (perhaps one should add 'for a wattlebird'). In the Update section of this site, Honeyeater family group, is further information about the Western Wattlebird, and a brief video clip inserted to give the song of this species.

Any further significant and generally accepted changes in classification will be mentioned at this site for the benefit of those Guide owners who wish to keep up with such developments.

Corrections to the MM Field Guide to Australian Birds.

This book was first published about August 2000. Most of the minor errors were corrected in the first reprint which shipped into Australia about December 2000. The current printing seems to be free of errors in text as far as I am aware. Changes to colour illustrations and maps are more difficult, but will eventually be incorporated in later editions. Please contact me with suspected errors or omissions, sightings out of map range, etc at:




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