Most of the useful information at this Site is for users of the Michael Morcombe Field Guide to Australian Birds. For access to information; available to owners, borrowers and other users of this book. There are no restriction on multiple by all students in a class, or members of a club, sharing the one guide book. If the password is circulated within a class or club, it will occasionally need to be updated. A copy of the book will then be needed whenever passwords are, periodically, probably erratically, changed. Note the Conditions of Use


A very simple password system serves two purposes:

1. To ensure that the user of these pages has a copy of the MM Field Guide at hand. This new information is best read in conjunction with the information given in the book. Your copy may need updating to incorporate new discoveries, re-classifications or to correct errors.

If any update seems of importance to the guidebook user, the alteration could be made by writing in the book, or by printing it out, at say 50% of usual print size, and attaching the cut-down printout into the guide, or into a field note book.

2. The update information is intended to be an additional benefit to owners of the MM FIELD GUIDE, and and may not be appropriate used in conjunction with other guides The password will, from time to time, be changed.

3.The visitor password may be temporary, later to be replaced by email password request.


Access to Update, Birdfinder and Phiotography is through the PASSWORD access page. On that page appears in RED, a password clue, consisting of a page number, a bird name and a word number. The page is that on which in the MM Field Guide, that bird name appears. In that book, under the bird name, is the main text for that bird. The word number is trhe number of words from the beginning of that text, and the word so reached, is the password.

Example: page 14, Emu, fourth word in text.

The text under Emu reads:

"Largest of Australian birds, widespread............"

The password in this example would be birds

Once entry is gained, the Update, Birdfinder and Photography sections, can all be reached without further use of the password, provided one does not move back to page prior to the page headed "please select...."

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