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ONLINE GUIDEBOOK UPDATE: enter LINK (from MM Field Guide to Australian Birds) to obtain new information about Australian birds. This includes new records, and additional or revised information. The same linkword gives entry to the Birdfinder database. The updating and additional information services are intended for owners or others with access to this bird guide. Copying of photographs shall be for non-commercial educational or personal use. Entry, by use of this link facility or otherwise, shall signify acceptance of Conditions of Use

The LINK is a word in the MM Field Guide, which can easily be found using the simple PASSWORD CLUE given on this page. This clue consists of the book page number, the name of a bird, and a word number. Just go to the page, then to the bird name. Beneath this name is the text for that bird. The WORD NUMBER is the number of words from the beginning, e.g. third word is three from beginning of main text for that bird species. See also VISITOR LINK if you Don't yet have the book.


Page 170, Galah, second word in text

Type here, LINK WORD from the text >

Example: Page 14, Emu, fourth word in text. Fourth is 'birds', which would be the LINK in this example....follow these steps for the bird species above....


If you don't yet have access to a copy of the MM Guide to Australian Birds, click here for VISITOR LINK. Also, the following links will display sample pages:

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This Update facility is an additional free benefit for anyone owning or having access to this field guide, for example through use of a library or other borrowed copy; it not a right acquired by purchase of the book, nor included in the price of any copy. It is not provided by the publisher or any wholesaler or retailer of the book, and therefore can not be offered by any seller as a right arising from purchase; the author reserves the right to discontinue, reduce or modify this service at any time. The author gives no warranty as to the accuracy of contents, but provides wherever possible the reference source, so that users of these pages can satisfy for themselves the facts any information presented here. Entry via the link word entry points into the Update, Birdfinder, Reference , Photography Photo library shall be taken as acceptance of these conditions of use.

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