Books of the National Parks and Wilderness Regions

The Natural Environment, Wildlife, and their Preservation

AUSTRALIA'S NATIONAL PARKS by Michael Morcombe. The first comprehensive book of Australia's national parks & nature reserves. It has a foreword by the then Prime Minister of Australia, John Gorton. Large format, 232 pages, Colour throughout except a travellers' guide at the back, First published 1969 by Lansdowne Press, Melbourne. Its numerous reprints carried it through to the late 1970's. when it was replaced by the book featured below.

Photography, art and text by Michael Morcombe. Published by Lansdowne Press Pty Ltd, Melbourne, 1969. 30 x 26 cm, 232 pages. Hardbound and paperback editions (latter by Periwinkle Books). Library of Congress Catalogue Card Number 72-79356. SBN 7 0180050

DISCOVER AUSTRALIA'S NATIONAL PARKS AND NATURELANDS by Michael & Irene Morcombe. This new book was not just a new edition, but a completely new publication... fresh layout, different chapters, all-new text, and a selection of illustrations drawing from a further decade of photography by Michael & Irene Morcombe. Like the preceding national parks, this book, while having the natural environment and wilderness scenery as its foundation, shows also a diversity of birdlife, furred animals, reptiles and wildflowers. It appeared in a number of editions, with this gold-edged jacket the most popular.

All text, scenic and wildlife photography by Michael & Irene. Morcombe. Published by Lansdowne Press Pty Ltd, Melbourne, 1983, reprinted by Runaway Publications 1986 & 1987, Ure Smith Press 1991. Format 31 x 23 cm, 319 pages. ISBN72540826X A lareg-format hardcover guided to national parks, reserves, wilderness areas,

AUSTRALIA THE WILD CONTINENT by Michael Morcombe This very large format and quite spectacular book depicts the natural wonders of Australia. It is divided into twelve natural habitats, based on their vegetation. These range from alpine woodland to tropical rainforest, deserts and to the coast and islands. In the vast lands covered, may be found flocks of thousands of birds, especially those of wetlands such as at Kakadu, and the northern beaches where huge numbers of waders rest during their annual migrations. The book is not only about birds. Also shown are many furred marsupials including kangaroos and koala, , carnivores, possums and wallabies, crocodile, geckoes, and the unique Frilled Lizard.

National Parks

All text, landscape, fauna and flora photography by Michael Morcombe. Published by Lansdowne Press, Melbourne, 1980. ISBN 0 7018 1427 6 R.H copy) and Reprinted 1986 Bullion Books, Sydney, (LH copy). Large format 36x 26 cm. 208 pages. A lavishly illustrated voloume, colour throughout, many full page and doubl-spread.

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