Field Guide to Australian Birds
Reprints & Editions


Second edition, with 7 colour pages replaced, some with almost twice as many illustrations showing greater variety of plumages, and more realistic jizz:

Plates on pages 41, 47, 49, 73, 75, 99, 123 replaced.


Complete Compact Edition December 2004. Re-writter to smaller format, many new maps, more datail on subspecies, unique "Quickguide" page at beginning of each chapter.

Derivative Works

Michael Morcombe eGuide to Australian Birds. October 2010

Based on Compact Guide, but with nests and egs section of larger guide added, and with calls of most bird species, thes provided by David Stewart



First published September 2000; Reprinted November 2000; 2001; 2002 (twice)

Second edition, dated 2003 appeared autumn of 2004;