This alternative password is intended for use by site visitors from outside Australia, from remote regions of Australia, and for the time being, anyone who wishes to see the direction this site is taking. As yet the useful content of the site is small (its construction commenced November 2002) but hopefully will grow over time to become a useful resource.

As mentioned elsewhere on this site, the imposition of the password is not so much to exclude those who do not have the book, but rather because the web site contents will often be cross-referenced to the book, rather than as stand-alone information, and could seen incomplete or meaningless without the book at hand. The site will not attempt to cover all Australian birds, but rather give additional information on species that are difficult to identify, by use of technology not available inbook form, especially video to show characteristic movements, and bird calls where these are important in separating the species.

As the guide book uses paintings, this site can back-up those illustrations with photographs which may further assist. Such backup photos could not be added to the guide without great increase in book size, but on the web site can be given for some species where of use for identification or to show interesting behavior or other reason. It is not be intended to provide supplementary material for all species, but rather give helpful or interesting additional information when the opportunity arises.

Already on the site are examples: photos showing the bill lengths of Short-billed and Long-billed Black Cockatoo; video footage shows the movements of foraging Marsh Sandpiper and Greenshank, and flight of White-winged Black Tern.

Access via password is for anyone with access to the book, for example, a school class with one library copy, or birdin or naturalist club with a library copy. The password can be given to others... but it will be changed unpredictably from time to time. It is intended that it will be more convenient to have the book, rather than be barred by not having the password, because, as already stated, the web site and book are intended to be used in support of each other.




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